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Where is Simsha located?

Simsha's office headquarters and operating plant are located in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

Where is your produce grown?

All of our fantastic produce is grown in sunny North Queensland, Australia - locally sourced, fresh from the farm!

Is Simsha really 100% Australian?

Yes we are! All of our produce is grown in North Queensland and packed in Townsville by an Australian company.

We never import produce. Our customers love us for our quality products, which may cost a little bit more. If you’re seeking cheaper, overseas produce, we are not the right business for your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

How long can frozen fruits be stored?

Simsha frozen fruit products all have ‘Best before Dates’ on the labels. However, we do not recommend using frozen fruit after two years.

How does Simsha frozen fruit assist with reducing food waste?

We only use quality fruit and vegetables but we don’t turn our noses up if something doesn’t fit the picture-perfect requirements of the supermarkets. Lumpy, bumpy or a bit crooked, we don’t mind! As long as it’s ripe and good quality, we don’t waste nature’s gifts!

Simsha frozen fruit products have a two year shelf life, so there's plenty of time to use it all up and avoid waste!

Our edible peels go to a local farmer to feed his cattle and all remaining organic waste goes to a composting business in Townsville.

Do Simsha frozen fruit products contain added sugar?

No. We don't add sugar to any of our products. All sugar listed on the nutritional labels is from the fruit itself - naturally.

Are there any additives or preservatives?

None at all. All Simsha products are prepared 100% naturally.

Some fruit processors use preservative, acidic gas, lemon or lime juice to stop browning. We use nothing. All browning is eliminated by blast freezing or vacuum packaging combined with blast freezing.

The process depends on the fruit. For example, our bananas, whole or chunk, are vacuum packed in thick, transparent food-grade bags and then frozen to minus 25°C to stop the oxidisation process and prevent browning. Mango cheek/dice and pineapple chunks are frozen first and then packed normally i.e. not vacuum packed. Our juice/purees are packed normally and then frozen. Whichever method is used, the process is 100% natural and the result is unblemished fruit as nature intended.

Can I refreeze my Simsha frozen fruit product once it has thawed?

No. We recommend that once it has thawed, you either use it up or throw it out.

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