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Why buy from Simsha?

100% Australian - 100% Natural - 100% Quality!

Simsha is a Townsville-based fruit processing business established in 2014 with the aim of bringing 100% Australian frozen fruit products to the market.

Our frozen fruits are processed completely naturally. They contain no additives or preservatives… and water and sugar is never added! We simply take fresh, ripe fruit and freeze it! The sugar content listed on the nutritional labels is from the fruit itself - naturally. Some processors add water to their frozen juices. We add nothing.

Our signature products are frozen banana, mango, pineapple, passionfruit and avocado. However, we can source any vegetables and fruits that grow in Tropical North Queensland.

We prepare our frozen fruit in a variety of ways - whole, chunk, diced, pureed, pulped or juiced. Talk to us about your needs!

We source the best quality produce from a network of farmers across North Queensland, in a region renowned for its rich, red volcanic soil, favourable temperatures and good rainfall – the perfect mix for superior, quality, tropical fruit farming.

We offer complete transparency. Many businesses purchase produce without knowing its country of origin. Buy direct from us and feel confident that you really are getting 100% Australian produce.

We never import produce. Our customers love us for our quality products, which may cost a little bit more. If you’re seeking cheaper, overseas produce, we are not the right business for your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

Visit our Products page to find out more about our quality products and how we do it better!

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